IT indie dev and trade: Unity, Visual C++/C#, F.E.A., front-end


Small venture from Giuseppe Cornacchia (PhD, CEng in Italy since 2003)

Indie games / apps development: After one year using Corona SDK, we now work with Unity 4.x and can deploy to web, desktops and mobiles. We do code and rely upon talented artists in order to satisfy every need. Fast prototyping is our specialty.

Numerical and scientific simulations: We can design and implement customised solutions using Microsoft Visual C++/C# and Excel. We can also perform finite element analysis of mechanical components with Calculix and Code Aster.

Web development and digital content: We are nurturing an edutainment project at (10 problems nuclear engineering research needs to solve to improve awareness and acceptance).



Sep 2013: Four audiobooks (poems, poetry translations and 7 short stories in Italian language) deployed to iOS AppStore. Buy our titles on iTunes.


May 2013: Simple breakout clone for kids deployed to AppStore (paid or free-with-iAds) and Google Play (free with ads). Check our YouTube channel for trailer and links.


Feb 2013: Visual C++ implementation of urban networks evacuation (continuum model) and absorbed dose estimation. Application to the urban network of Foggia, Italy.


Dec 2013: Two research papers (with engineering applications) about fracture toughness of solution annealed and pre-strained 316L using non-standard specimens.


Jul 2013: Revamped personal and three professional websites to 2013 standards: responsive, UI/UX, customisable. Templates bought from the market and modded.

Next Coming

2014 Q1: Digital content provider for in the form of educational mobile games, e-books, podcasts. Made with Unity 4.


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Torino, Italy

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+39 389 1856231

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